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The applications of the Power-D Multiutility series are the upshot of the desire to go beyond an experience acquired in the industrial context and move towards municipal public utilities. This is the result of ongoing research aimed at ensuring the transfer of experiences, operating procedures and adequate instruments, to tackle the growing complexity of systems and the imperatives required to upgrade the services offered to the public, while at the same time cutting costs.

What we propose is a work method accompanied by software tools that help simplify the daily activities of people employed in municipal offices:

  • Power Systems and public lighting technical department
  • Roads and road signs technical department
  • Public greenery technical department
  • Buildings and heritage technical department

Our intervention guidelines are the following:

  • to simplify daily activities by eliminating repetitive actions.
  • to slim down and make the operating activities of municipal departments smoother by the daily creation of a "codified organisation" of all digital data relating to municipal assets.
  • to create the foundations for the creation of an IT structure containing all digital coded municipal assets.
  • to standardise the daily work of departments in operating phases.
  • to use the "bottom upwards" activation method, meaning, initially upgrade daily operating procedures to subsequently create a bigger more expandable infrastructure that can be upgraded over the years.
  • to implement a gradual project split into intermediate phases.
  • to create the foundations for a Global Maintenance Service with the option of monitoring and assessing the work done by any external suppliers.

Power-D Multiutility presents a series of applications tailored to individual management activities, gradually helping people to be more efficient as the digital infrastructure of the municipal assets is coded.

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