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The special operating structure focused specifically on customer service has enabled us, through work opportunities, to offer our services to both machinery and plant manufacturers and to manufacturing industries; this has resulted in AST refining a spirit of observation of problems covering a wide area and catering for the requirements of the entire value chain, from conception, design, manufacture, testing and then management and after-sales servicing of industrial automation plants, machines, systems and processes:

  • consultancy and analysis of problems and requirements
  • design and analysis of mechatronic solutions
  • electrical and electronic equipment design
  • development of software for machine and plant operation
  • development and integration of software for managing the entire production process
  • development of software for managing production data
  • installation, commissioning and testing of solutions throughout the world

AST system automation is currently split up as follows:

  1. The Technical Sales Department: a. cooperates with the customer in the early stages of project development.
  2. The Mechantronic Department: evaluates and integrates mechanical solutions and electronic solutions using actuators and sensors that permit achieving excellent results in terms of performance.
  3. The PLC Software design Department: develops plant and machinery control programs and manages plant commissioning assistance.
  4. The IT Department: develops and creates personalised PC software to integrate corporate IT machines and systems.
  5. The Research and Development Department: develops software products to upgrade the automation system design process.
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