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A.S.T. system automation was established in 1991 by Mr. Aristide Stradi.

Over the years business activities have centred on the manufacture of industrial automation systems and have expanded until the company is now able to make and supply complete turnkey systems for controlling islands, production lines and process systems

In seventeen years of activity the number of the employees has grown until catching up the actual composition of a technical internal staff of 20 persons, exclusively designers, that added to the organic of the partners catches up the 60 operating units.

The company’s innovative spirit and strong determination to achieve results have enabled it to develop major automation projects and reach goals that have made it possible to grow and expand over the years.

To mention just some:

Automation of work islands linked to automatic cheese processing store (Personalised system, standard setting in the reference sector).

Deposit of International Patent for the design of a device for lifting Kraf paper.
Major funds provided by the Emilia Romagna Region for technological innovation.

Flexible automation and management of a system for facing panels with “Just in Time” methods. (Only system in Europe to achieve such high levels of innovation).

Automation system supply activities integrated and extended with the development of innovative software. Technical staff joined by information-technology staff.

Manufacture of entire production process of a panel manufacturing company.

Control and automation of panel boring lines in conjunction with the world’s number one woodworking machinery manufacturer. (During project management, innovative methods were adopted for the hi-speed changing of production setups).

Automation of the entire production process of a cheese-making industry (infrastructure, process and product tracking). Automation of experimental system for processing natural fibres (only system existing in this reference sector).

Automation Automation of the entire production process of a chipboard panel industry in Australia.
Automation of a plant for mixing raw materials in France.
Automation of an adhesive batching system in Germany.

Development of an automatic system for launching “Just in Time” production for a chipboard panel manufacturer. Investments in ICT technologies with reference to the B2B.

Increase of technical personnel with mechatronic staff. Active cooperation starts with LENZE.

Industrial department acknowledgement of an important financial fund concerning to a technological innovation ICT.
Development of some important projects for management of production efficiency regarding some different industries ( on applying innovative solutions and concepts connected to the reorganization for simplifying the activities.

Start collaboration with the automation solutions' company MEC-LOGIC.

2006 - 2007:
Testing for new innovative technologic solutions for the environmental protection. Birth of the new work group AST PLASMATEK.

A.S.T. s.r.l. & A.S.T. system automation s.a.s - Via Grecia, 15-19 - 41122 MODENA Tel. (+39) 59.565944 Fax.(+39) 59.565954